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The Never Quit Foundation

The Never Quit Foundation was started in memory of Lori Pearson who fought a courageous battle with breast cancer and lost on November 7th, 2010.  After being told the cancer was back for a 2nd time, Lori truly embraced her favorite bible verse Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  She translated that verse into 2 short words, NEVER QUIT!  She started using NEVER QUIT as her tag line on everything, email, cell phone and all testimonies she gave.  During the summer of 2009,  we returned to the doctors and got worse news each time, each time she told the doctors she was not quitting.  Each time the doctors were more amazed at her faith rather than her health.


On October 15, 2009 the doctors from Vanderbilt came in and told Lori there was nothing else for us to do but go home and die.  Lori raised up in the bed and told them you may be quitting but I am not.  On October 17, 2009 we returned home for a benefit organized by a bunch of special people.  The benefit was aptly named The NEVER QUIT BENEFIT.  This special group of folks raised over $45,000 in a 2 week period.   The money was raised to help with out of pocket expenses not covered by insurance.  We  have taken a large portion of that money and started the NEVER QUIT FOUNDATION.  We have started the foundation for 5 reasons:


1.  To honor God!  Lori was a firm believer in God and that he can heal those who are sick!  As Lori was at her sickest, she went from Church to Church sharing her testimony and singing.  She would share how God had used breast cancer to bring her even closer to him.  She got deeper and deeper in her walk with Him as she got sicker.  She never asked why me, EVER.  She used the sickness to glorify Him!


2.  To honor Lori.  I was married to her for 16 remarkable years.  I knew how special she was as I told her regularly.  However, I never knew how special until she became sick.  We received thousands of letters, thousands of text, thousands of emails on how she had impacted them with her testimony at churches and most people on just how she lived her life.  I am currently reading a book on Finishing Well.  The gist of the book is how you live the last 20 years of your life.  What impact or significance did you have on the world?  I have thought about this for awhile.  Lori was finishing well her entire life.  The book talks about people mainly who have made millions and came to the realization that they had success but not significance.  Well in the past months since her death, I have figured out with all the lives she has touched she was finishing even as she was starting.  She was selfless.  Always putting everyone else first.  She leaves 3 beautiful boys who have her spirit and peace about them.  


3.  To aid cancer victims, especially breast cancer victims.  We wanted to give back to those who really need the money.  We will be helping cancer patients who are actively engaged in treatment with a wide range of things, such as fuel, deductibles, medications and many other areas.  All monies will be spent on cancer patients, NOT cancer research.  All monies will be spent to further educate others as well.  No monies donated will ever go into the pockets of anyone except cancer patients.


4.  To spread awareness on Inflammatory Breast Cancer, or IBC.  The most misdiagnosed breast cancer.  See Lori was misdiagnosed for 6 months before they finally took a biopsy and found the cancer.  The only way to defeat IBC is early detection.  Sometimes even mammograms will not detect this form.  Women must ask for blood and cell testing.  We have an additional paper with more details on IBC.  IBC accounts for only 5% of all breast cancer.  However, the 5 year survival rate is between 25 and 50%.  Typically found in young women.  


5.  To get a second opinion.  Always, always get a second opinion on cancer treatment options.  I have been through this with Lori and my father, Jimmy Pearson.  We didn’t get a second one with my dad.  We really didn’t get a second one with Lori but we went were we thought we had the best chance.  There are so many differing views on treating cancer please get a second opinion.  There is a lot of information on the internet but be real careful where you look.


Lori Pearson was an avid Christian, mother, softball player/coach, friend to ALL who knew her and was beautiful inside and out.  We want to help as many people fight this battle as we can.  I would encourage you to share Lori’s story with others.  I have had thousands of people tell me how inspired they were by how she handle cancer.  Currently you can read Lori’s entire journey from diagnosis to the end on Caringbridge.org.  When you get to Caringbridge, type in all lower cases loripearson with no spaces and it will carry you to her story.  You can read her journal and then go back and read the guestbook.  You will see the lives she impacted but most of all what to expect when you have breast cancer.  We are currently developing Theneverquit.com website, it will be up and running in a few weeks.  We will share more on what we are doing at that time.  EARLY DETECTION, SECOND OPINION.


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